Out and about in Düsseldorf

Discover the surroundings of the Wyndham Garden Düsseldorf City Centre Königsallee

The North-Rhine Westphalian capital amazes its visitors with its beautiful old town, modern architecture, unique events and a multitude of attractions - Düsseldorf is colourful and full of surprises. We have compiled an overview of the sightseeing classics and some valuable insider tips from our employees for you.

Sightseeing in Düsseldorf - the classics

The world of theatre - Düsseldorf highlights

Theatre tradition is deeply rooted in Düsseldorf, which reflects in many places. Among the most famous venues are the "Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus" theatre, the "Forum Freies Theater" (Forum Free Theatre), the Capitol Theatre Düsseldorf, the "Theater an der Kö" (Theatre at Königsallee), the "Komödie Düsseldorf" comedy theatre and many more dignified establishments.

Deutsche Oper am Rhein, Düsseldorf

Visit the Düsseldorf Opera House in the fabulous old town and get carried away by history. The opera has been restored and modernised many times and is now up-to-date with incomparable acoustics.

Strolling along Königsallee

The so-called "Kö" is probably the city's most famous shopping boulevard. It is especially famous for its luxury brands and the unique Rhineland flair. Discover traditional restaurants, cosy cafés and countless  stores.

Düsseldorf must-sees - galleries and museums

The city's art and culture reflects in the high number of museums and galleries. They are home to impressive collections of modern art, the city's history and antique paintings.
We especially recommend the "Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen" (North-Rhine Westphalian art collection), the "Kunsthalle Düsseldorf" exhibition hall and the "KIT - Kunst im Tunnel" (Art in the Tunnel) underneath Düsseldorf's Rhine promenade.
Numerous contemporary art exhibitions are hosted by galleries across the city.

Worth a visit: the Maritime Museum

This sightseeing tip can be found at the venerable Düsseldorf Castle. In its tower, the Düsseldorf Maritime Museum (Schifffahrtmuseum) exhibits pieces from the city's powerful maritime history and the Rhine trade history. A great experience!


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Leisure activities in Düsseldorf

River Rhine Promenade

Düsseldorf's tourism is booming at the River Rhine Promenade: It is a wonderful place to take a relaxed stroll or to sit down and have a cup of coffee while soaking up the sun. Discover Düsseldorf from a different angle during a boat trip. All boats of the "Rheinschifffahrt" (Rhine Navigation) take off from the Rhine Promenade.

Rhine Tower

Enjoy the breathtaking view on the city from its main landmark. Get a 360° view of Düsseldorf from the top-level restaurant - it is absolutely worth it. Not only the view is impressive: The Rhein Tower features the biggest decimal clock in the world and a world time clock at the entrance.

Düsseldorf insider tips

Düsseldorf's Japanese quarter                

Düsseldorf's Japanese quarter, also called "Little Tokyo" is located at Immermannstraße in the city centre. Go on a journey to Japan and get enchanted by the innumerable delicacies and the fascinating culture.

Next to London and Paris, Düsseldorf is home to one of the largest Japanese communities in Europe. "Japan Day" takes place once a year and attracts many visitors to "Japan Town" Düsseldorf.Go on a colourful journey with motley fireworks to end the day. See, taste, smell and feel Japan in Düsseldorf!

Düsseldorf Media Harbour (MedienHafen)

The Media Harbour is not far from the Hotel. Listed warehouses meet modern interior design and media technology and create a unique sense of space at Düsseldorf's harbour. Many company branches are located at this special place.

The New Zollhof (Neuer Zollhof) and Gehry Buildings

The New Zollhof is an impressive complex of buildings at the Media Harbour. The buildings were designed by the architect Frank Gehry, hence they are known as the Gehry Buildings. The buildings come in unusual shapes that are typical of Deconstructivism. Definitely worth a visit!